Stäng menyn

Pasta with blue cheese and spinach sauce

I cook this luxurious blue cheese pasta sauce all the time. It's actually surprisingly easy to make, using homegrown vegetables. The perfect family dinner for anyone who grows their own food!

  • a lot of spinach, around 18 ounces fresh spinach leaves
  • cottage cheese
  • creme fraiche
  • blue cheese
  • nutmeg
  • salt

Pasta with a green sauce is always on the top of my children's list when we try to decide what to make for dinner. The ingredients change a bit though, perhaps more than my kids are aware of! This is one of their favorite blue cheese sauces though, made with plenty of spinach. You will want a lot of spinach in this sauce so make sure to harvest (or buy) enough! You could also use New Zealand spinach or chard in your blue cheese sauce.


Parboil the spinach for a few minutes.
Rinse in cold water and squeeze out excess fluid.
Chop the spinach.
Fry the spinach in some butter or margarine.
Put a few table spoons of creme fraiche in the pan and add quite a lot of cottage cheese and some blue cheese (crumbled.)
Let the sauce simmer.
Season with a little bit of nutmeg and some salt.
Add some more creme fraiche if you want to change the consistency.

You can mix the blue cheese sauce too if you have small children who might not like eating larger pieces of spinach. If you decide to mix the sauce, do it before you add the blue cheese.

Serve with pasta and seasonal vegetables. We like eating beans or peas with these vegetarian dishes. Give it a try!


Recipe: Sara Bäckmo
Photo: Maria Strömberg Bååth