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Garden Tool Belt SARA - Perfect for an Outdoor Lifestyle

This smart garden tool belt is my new favorite accessory in the garden. You can wear it several different ways! A garden bag, leg holster and tool belt all in one. Now shipping to the EU and the US. Read more about it below!

I wanted to create a garden bag that would fit my lifestyle. This smart garden tool belt holds everything I need for my active life outdoors! Photo: Johanna Söderström.


The garden tool belt SARA

I looked everywhere for my ideal gardening tool bag, but I couldn't find it. I tried all kinds of aprons, fanny packs and holsters - none of them worked for me. Most garden bags don't fit my need to move around freely. Everything just seems to slide around when I work, and my phone keeps falling out. So, I decided to create my own!

The garden tool belt/garden bag SARA was designed with my outdoor lifestyle in mind. It holds all the handy tools I need for my gardening and DIY projects. Things I carry with me everywhere I go, but don't want to stuff in my pockets. The  most exciting thing about this bag is that you can wear it so many different ways. SARA is a crossbody garden bag, a holster and a garden tool belt all in one!

How to wear it:

  • hip holster
  • a crossbody bag
  • fanny pack
  • leg holster



SARA features an extra strap that holds the bag steady on the body. This is a big plus for me, who moves a lot in my day-to-day life.

I created the bag together with the superb outdoor clothing company

Available for shipping to the EU and the US!


This is probably my favorite way to carry SARA. Photo: Johanna Söderström.

How I carry my garden tool belt

I use the garden tool belt every day in my garden. Most often as a crossbody bag underneath my left arm. This way, it's easy for me to move it to the front or back of my body, depending on what I'm up to. If it is cold outside, I can easily fit a warm sweater underneath the bag. But the best part about is that the back is flat so it's very comfortable to wear. I love it!

See how I wear it in my new video below:



You can actually use it outside the garden too. I often take it out on errands or to meet friends. It fits perfectly underneath my outerwear or over a dress in summer. I have plenty of room for my phone, wallet and other everyday essentials.

The garden tool bag/garden tool belt comes in five colors:

  • black
  • petrol
  • green
  • burgundy
  • mustard yellow


As an influencer, I want to bring my phone wherever I go! That's why I wanted my garden tool bag to have a smart pocket to hold my phone in place, even when I move around in the garden. Photo: Johanna Söderström.


The garden tool belt has three pockets plus a phone holder. Photo: Johanna Söderström.

You can carry the garden tool bag as a fanny pack, or a holster on your leg. Adjust the strap for a comfortable fit for all sizes. Photo: Johanna Söderström.



I had a few design must-haves that I didn't want to compromise on. For example, I wanted it to be possible to adjust the straps with one hand only. I also wanted to make sure that the phone pocket was roomy, but designed in a way where I'm sure that my phone won't fall out when I bend over. The strap buckles needed to be lined up comfortably against the body, and I wanted the size of the bag/belt to fit a shorter torso without twisting. Among other things! The collaboration with Operose worked really well and we had so much fun trying out new ideas together.

This garden tool belt really makes a huge difference in my everyday life.

You can wear the bag further down on the hip too. It looks almost glued to the body even though I'm bending over. Just what I wanted! Photo: Johanna Söderström.


The  bag is made from a durable material that lasts a long time. Photo: Johanna Söderström.

Product information

SARA has four pockets and comes with two adjustable straps with carabiners that you can attach to different spots on your bag. The two front pockets can fit pruning shears, a knife or other handheld tools. Then we have a larger pocket in the middle, and behind it a phone pocket with a narrow opening that keeps the phone from falling out.

Width: 8.5 in (22 cm)
Length: 9.8 in (25 cm)
Straps: 36.6 - 56.7 in (93-144 cm) (fits EU sizes 34-52, US sizes 4-24)

The garden tool belt is made from 100% cotton, certified Oeko-Tex 100 Class 1, and accesories are made from durable Cordura.


I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do!

/Sara Bäckmo


27. September 2022