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If I collect cutten grass from my neighbours, but I know there lives ticks in th high grass, is there a change that I transport the ticks in my own garden? /Danielle

I guess they will move in to your garden, yes. Maybe there's a chans to get rid of them if you ferment the grass with bokashi bran or something, but I don't know if that's worth the effort. /Sara

I live and garden in Quebec, Canada which, like you, is zone 3, but our first frost-free day of the year is not until June. I would love to follow some of your planting guides, but it would be helpful for me to know when your last frost typically occurs so I can adjust my plantings accordingly. Thanks so much for sharing your energy and love for gardening with us! /Becky Torretti

Actually the date when our last-frost-nights are over are June the 6th I think. But most often it's not that late. 2019 we hade a late frost in the end of May. Most often I plant both vegetables and flowers in the garden already in May, well prepared to protect them with a fabric if cold nights should appear. /Sara

Is it possible to freeze black cabbage? Do you have to deflate it first? /

Hello, Freezing black cabbage, just like other types of kale, is great. You can cut the leaves into smaller pieces and freeze immediately, but it also works well to stray just like spinach. /Sara