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Best time to take lavender cuttings

Propagating lavender with cuttings is surprisingly easy, and I get really good results too. Lavender cuttings are of course free, which just makes it even better!

Cuttings ready to propagate, I'm looking forward to many new plants - free of charge!


I cut my lavender bushes in spring when the sun shines a little brighter, but it's not too hot outside. There are a lot of opinions about which method of propagating lavender is the best. For example, if you should cut a lot or just a little. I cut a lot. By the time I'm done, the entire bush is only around 4 inches (10 centimeters) tall, like a little pillow on the ground.

Of course, I use the cuttings to propagate lavender. This is just the right time to take lavender cuttings and I have plenty of them now!

I'm a bit lazy, so I don't exactly fuss over the little cuttings. I just cut the woody parts and the soft tops off and then I leave a 4-6 inch (10-15 centimeter) long little stem. I remove the bottom leaves and then I put the cuttings in a plastic tub filled with soil. After that, I water and put the plastic tub in a relatively warm and shady spot outside.


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Close up på lavendel cuttings.

I put the cuttings in a plastic tub in a warm but shady spot. This picture was taken in late March.


No special tricks

I like putting my lavender cuttings underneath the berry bushes in my kitchen garden. It's a warm and shady spot, and I often pass it which helps me remember to water them.

Most of the cuttings will have developed roots in August/September. When that happens, I plant them in their final spot straight away. But if you want, you could overwinter them in pots and let them grow until the next season. The plants will, of course, grow bigger which might be a plus when you want to plant them.


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I take a lot of cuttings, but I do the work in a very relaxed way. I don't use special products to promote root growth, or any other tricks to help the cutting root properly for that matter. So instead, I just plant a lot of cuttings and all in all, I think that around 75% of them turn into really lovely lavender plants.

And yes, I do get a lot of plants. But when it comes to lavender, can you really have too many?
/Sara Bäckmo


25. April 2021